CHEMFAB® Non-Stick Solutions
CHEMFAB® Non-Stick Solutions
CHEMFAB® Non-stick solutions for Components and Electrical
Wires_convoluted_Hose CHEMFAB® PTFE-fabrics* and laminates are used as components in industrial equipment due to their unique combination of properties including excellent dielectric insulation, RF transparency, outstanding temperature and chemical resistance as well as very low friction surface. While frequently used as insulation and/or mechanical reinforcement material in electrical components such as aircraft wiringmicrowave laminates, they are also used as a chemical barrier membrane in high performance convoluted hosing. Their easy slide and low friction sufrace properties make them perfect bearing material for electrical switches & magnets. 
PTFE fabrics for cable wiring




  • High dielectric/insulation strength
  • Radio-frequency transparent & low electrical signal losses
  • Very low co-efficient of friction and easy slide surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide range of operating temperatures up to 260°C / 500F
PTFE fabrics for components


Applications list: 


  • Aerospace wiring
  • Convoluted and spiral hosing
  • Low friction bearing surfaces
  • Electical insulation liners
  • Non-stick linings
  • Insulation on Microwave Printed Circuit Boards
  • Magnetic separators



*PTFE Fabrics are also known as Teflon® Fabrics. Teflon® is a registered Trade mark of DuPont