CHEMFAB® Non-Stick Solutions

With worldwide recognised brands such as CHEMFAB® Non-stick solutions, manufacturing sites in 4 continents as well as over 40 years of product and process development experience, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is the global leader in PTFE*- coated fabrics, PTFE-fabric laminates and silicone coated fabrics

CHEMFAB® Non-stick solutions are a range of high temperature, chemically resistant, flexible advanced materials. We supply a large number of customers in many different markets thanks to our ongoing product development which is based on application specific and customised materials that provide superior value in use. The key to our success is an ongoing commitment to invest in R&D as well as state of the art manufacturing technology.

Comprising PTFE reinforced fabrics and silicone composite materials that vary from thin and highly flexible to thick and high strength or one-side coated to laminated, Saint-Gobain offers the widest range of products to meet your requirements.
CHEMFAB® Non-stick solutions are used in many markets and applications, from polymer processing to packaging and electronics to enviromental protection. 
Flexibility, chemical and high temperature resistance of Darlyn® barrier membranes.
Learn about the unique advantages of  CHEMFAB® non-stick belting 
CHEMFAB® Non-stick solutions as high temperature, chemically resistant flexible advanced materials.